Any Angler must be able to produce a current rod licence.

All coarse fishing is completely NO KILL. No fish to be eaten or taken off-site (DEAD OR ALIVE).

All personal nets must be completely submerged in the disinfectant bins provided, for at least 10 minutes, then rinsed in the rinse bins provided before commencing fishing.

Barbless hooks only to be used. Anyone caught using barbed hooks will be asked to leave immediately and not permitted back on site.

For coarse fishing, the maximum size hook is a size 6 barbless hook.

We expect you to respect nature, respect your fellow anglers and respect our neighbours.

Please remain calm and quiet whilst on-site.

Please dispose of litter in a dedicated waste receptacles provided around the site.

Please dispose of cigarette butts in an empty bait tin or buy a `Butt Bucket’. Anyone seen disposing of cigarette butts on the ground or flicking them into undergrowth or God forbid into the lakes will be asked to leave immediately.

Fishing times are sunrise until sunset. Please do not ring the bell before 8am, just go fishing. We will catch up with you when we do our morning checks of the lakes.

Keep nets are not allowed unless used in a permitted match.

A Landing Net and carp mat must be used when landing any fish, no matter how small. All fish to be returned to the water in the Landing Net. Anyone seen slinging the fish back into the water will be asked to leave immediately.

An un-hooking mat must be used for all Carp.

Boilies in moderation only. Freebies to be used sparingly as ground-bait. As we are not a boilie venue, you will catch with them but not as often as using natural baits. Trout pellets and other feeds are available as ground bait or method mixes.

All Anglers please complete a `Catch & Return’ report before departing. This enables us to monitor fish stocks for your enjoyment.

You must co-operate with any inspection by a Fishery Bailiff.

All children under 14 MUST be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

When photographing your fish, please kneel next to the fish with the fish on the carp mat. No lifting of the fish from the carp mat is allowed. This has changed due to customers dropping fish from chest and waist height onto grass or soil whilst taking photographs.